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The Big Book of Tin Toy Cars 'Passenger, Sports, and Concept Vehicles', a Schiffer publication c2004 by Ron Smith & William C Gallagher H/B, 240 pages, all colour plates. SOLD

The Big Book of Tin Toy Cars

'Hollow Cast Civilian Toy Figures' a Schiffer Publication c2005 by Norman Joplin & Philip Dean, h/b 383 pages, over 1500 colour plates, still sealed as new. SOLD

Hollow Cast Civilian Toy Figures

'Britains New Toy Soldiers 1973-Present' a Schiffer Publication c2008 by Norman Joplin & John Waterworth, h/b 272 pages, all colour plates, as new condition AUD$125.

Britains New Toy Soldiers

'Britains Civilan Toy Figures', a Schiffer Publication c2002 by Norman Joplin, Rolak, Dean & Kunzlemann, h/b 256 pages, all colour plates, excellent condition. SOLD

Britains Civilian Toy Figures

Schuco Legendares Spielzeug by Rudger Huber c2007, h/b 430 pages, as new AUD$145.

Schuco Legendares Spielzeug

Hornby Les Trains Francais in O & HO by Clive Lamming by LR Presse c2006 h/b 285 pages. SOLD

Hornby Les Trains Francais

Marx Toys, Robots, Space, Comic, Disney & TV Characters by Maxine Pinsky, a Schiffer publication, h/b 165 pages as new. SOLD

Marx Robots Space Disney Toys

The 1898 Bing Toy Catalogue, a New Cavendish 1991 publication, h/b 135 pages, black & white plates as new AUD$45.

1898 Bing Toy Catalogue

The Art of The Toy Soldier by Kurtz & Ehrlich published 1987, H/B 328 pages AUD$85.

The Art of The Toy Soldier

The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains 1850-1909 by Paul Klein Schiphorst coverslater 19th & early 20th century many of the little known manufacturers from France & Germany and includes some of the foremost collections of the world, H/B 360 pages, published 2002 as new with slipcase AUD$175.

The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains

A Century of Model Trains by Allen Levy, a New Cavendish publication acknowledged as one of the truly classic books dealing with the varied history of toy & model trains, H/B 208 pages, 500 illustrations AUD$95.

A Century of Model Trains

The Great Book of Dinky Toys by Mike & Sue Richardson, a New Cavendish publication c2002, h/b 292 pages, pre-loved as new. SOLD

The Great Book of Dinky Toys