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Hornby Trains 2nd Edition Toy Price Guide includes latest auction prices on Hornby O Gauge, Dublo & Acho, Triang & Rovex 'OO' plus accessories, s/b 98 pages plus colour plates AUD$25.

Hornby Trains Price Guide

'British Toy Boats' 1920s Onwards by Roger Gillham, a Veloce publication. Covers the golden period of toy boats including such well known brands as Hornby, Tri-ang, Bowman, Sutcliffe, Skipper & Star yachts, Penguin, Victory and many more, softback 143 pages, a must for all toy boat collectors AUD$45.00.

British Toy Boats 1920s Onwards

This book describes the experiences of Taff, the driving force behind Oxford Diecast. Covers his early days of working for Mettoy after leaving school and for Corgi in the 1980s prior to joining Oxford Diecast, s/back 98 pages AUD$22.50.

A Journey Through Time - Oxford

Corgi Classics Price Guide, covers 5500 models issued between 1984-2007, follows on from where the Corgi Price Guide finished off, following Mattel's bankrupcy, several buy-outs up to the purchase by Hornby in 2007, over 200 colour plates, 132 pages, s/back, includes rare variations, Limited Editions & overseas issues. AUD$24.95

Corgi Classics Price Guide

Corgi Toys by David Cooke, a Shire Publication recently reprinted in 2010 covering Mettoy from 1930s, the early models from 1956-69, Film & TV issues and the later Corgi Classics, s/b 64 pages AUD$12.95.

Corgi Toys

Dinky Toys a Shire Publication by David Cooke, the most recent reprint of 2011 covering the period 1931 to their final productions in 1979, s/b 40 pages AUD$12.95.

Dinky Toys

Building Toys by Brian Salter, a recent Shire Publication covering all the British well known brands such as Bayko, Dinky Builder & Minibrix plus several lesser known brands, a must for the enthusiast, s/b 64 pages AUD$14.95.

Buiding Toys

The British Toy Industry by Kenneth Brown, a recent Shire Publication covering the UK toy evolution, the developing years 1915 to 1941, the 'Golden Age' 1945-71 and its demise, s/b 56 pages AUD$14.95.

The British Toy Industry

Paper Soldiers The Illustrated History of Printed Paper Armies of the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries by Edward Ryan, a New Cavendish publication, hardback, 527 pages, limited edition of 2000 copies. SPECIAL reduced from AUD$129.95 to AUD$75.00.

Paper Soldiers Limited Edition

Collecting Miniature Coloured Cottages by Sam & Maggie Seabrook, a New Cavendish publication c1996, softback, 130 pages AUD$39.95.

Collecting Miniature Coloured Cottages

New 2nd Edition of English and French Dinky Toys Price Guide with reviewed values, new variations found during past 12 months and includes complete range of French Dinky Toys, s/back, 130 pages including colour plates. AUD$24.95

Dinky Toys Price Guide 2nd Edition

Pocket Guide to Britains Farm Model "Toy Tractors 1998-2008" by David Pullen, hardback, 496 pages AUD$49.95

Britains Farm Toy Tractors