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Hornby No2 LMS Goods Van 1948-50 in excellent boxed condition AUD$275.

Hornby No2 LMS Goods Van

Chad Valley Games Van c1950, clockwork, 25cms, in excellent condition with key, poor box missing one end flap AUD$1495.

Chad Valley Games Van

Dinky 415 Mechanical Horse & Wagon 1954-59, blue tractor with cream trailer & blue ridged hubs, almost mint boxed AUD$225.

Dinky Mechanical Horse and Wagon

Hornby 'SECCOTINE' Private Owner's Van 1924-30, open axle guard, repainted roof, rare van.

Hornby Seccotine Van

Mattel No3136 Barbie Ferrarie c1990, 54cms or 21", comes with mirrors to be attached in excellent boxed condition AUD$295.

Mattel Barbie Ferrari

Corgi 438 Land Rover 109" WB 1963-77, metallic green body with yellow interior, grey plastic canopy, chrome hubs & metal tow hook in mint condition with fair-good box AUD$245.

Corgi 438 Land Rover

Lionel 6415 'Sunoco' Tank Wagon c1953, plastic body & chassis with 3 domes, good condition with poor box missing end flaps AUD$135.

Lionel Sunoco Tank Wagon

Mettoy UK Fire Engine c1948, 36cms, clockwork, has bell, 4 firemen, expanding ladder in very good condition with fair box AUD$850.

Mettoy Fire Engine

Hornby Snowplough 1934-36, yellow with blue chassis & roof, opening doors, version without lamp, good original condition AUD$275.

Hornby Snowplough

Dinky 205 Lotus Cortina Rally 1968-73, white body, red bonnet & side stripes, 'Monte Carlo' logo, RN#7, 2 x aerials, cast hubs, almost mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky Lotus Cortina Rally

Corgi 261 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger 1965-69, in excellent boxed condition with inner card plinth, missing Secret Instructions, spare bandit & 007 Badge AUD$375.

Corgi James Bond Aston DB5

Chad Valley Saloon Car c1946, 23cms, clockwork, in excellent condition, fair box missing one end flap AUD$375.

Chad Valley Saloon Car