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French Hornby TNB SNCF BB9201 c1958, 20 volt 3 Rail electric, cast alloy body in very good condition.

French Hornby TNB Electric Loco

Dinky 159 Morris Oxford Saloon c1954, green upper body & hubs, cream lower body, correct colour dot, mint boxed AUD$325.

Dinky Morris Oxford Saloon

Dinky 169 Studebaker Golden Hawk 1958-63, tan body with red rear panel& hubs, white treaded tyres, correct colour dot, mint boxed AUD$295.

Dinky Studebaker Golden Hawk

Dinky 162 Ford Zephyr Mk1 Saloon 1956-60, cream upper body & hubs, green lower body, correct colour dot, mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky Ford Zephyr Mk1 Saloon

Marusan Kosuge 1951 Cadillac, friction drive version, older restoration in excellent condition.

Marusan 1951 Cadillac

Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 Sports (competition version)1956-59, turquoise with red interior & hubs, RN 25, white racing driver has minor paint loss on one arm, almost mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky Triumph TR2 Sports

Dinky 110 Aston Martin DB3S Sports (competition version) 1956-59, light grey with blue interior & hubs, RN 20 with white racing driver, correct colour dot, mint boxed AUD$325.

Dinky Aston Martin DB3S Sports

Dinky 108 MG Midget Sports (competition version) 1955-59, red RN 24 with tan interior & white racing driver, car almost mint with very good box AUD$325.

Dinky MG Midget Sports

Hornby 502E LNER 20 Volt Electric c1950 in matt finish, only UK post-war electric, mostly exported to Australia, very good condition AUD$395.

Hornby 502E 20 volt electric

Dinky 181 Volkswagen 1956-70, light grey with blue hubs, treaded tyres, mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky 181 Volkswagen

Dinky 175 Hillman Minx 1958-61, pale brown body with green roof & beige hubs, almost mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky 175 Hillman Minx

Dinky 176 Austin A105 Saloon 1958-59, light grey with red flash & hubs, car mint, box very good AUD$275.

Dinky Austin A105 Saloon