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Matchbox King Size K-5 Foden Dump Truck c1961, yellow body with red 'Foden' transfer with silver hubs, truck almost mint with good box AUD$125. SOLD

Matchbox Foden Dump Truck

Dinky Toys 425 Bedford TK Coal Lorry "Hall & Co" 1964-69, red body interior & plastic hubs, clear window glazing, 5 coal bags (1 missing) and scales, excellent condition with lift off lid box AUD$275.

Dinky Bedford Coal Lorry

Matchbox 67b VW 1600TL c1967, red with white interior, car mint with good box AUD$85.

Matchbox VW 1600TL

Matchbox 10c Foden 8-Wheel Sugar Container c1960, 'Tate & Lyle' transfers, black plastic wheels, mint boxed AUD$125.

Matchbox Foden Sugar Container

French Hornby ETAT Wagon-Citerne c1920s, open axleguard in good original condition AUD$245.

French Hornby Etat Tank Wagon

Darstaed Private Owner's "Melrose's Teas" Van, lovely tinprinting with diecast roof & chassis, mint boxed AUD$125.

Darstaed Melrose Tea Van

Dinky Toys 183 Fiat 600 Saloon 1958-60, light green with solid grey rubber wheels, box has correct colour dot, almost mint boxed AUD$245.

Dinky Fiat 600 Saloon

Dinky Toys 198 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 1962-69, white/beige body with light grey sides, red interior with chauffer, opening windows and spun hubs, excellent boxed AUD$295.

Dinky Rolls Royce Phantom V

Corgi 1128 Priestman 'Cub' Shovel 1963-76, mint in very good window face box AUD$175.

Corgi Priestman Shovel

Britains 1392 Cierva C.30 Autogiro c1936, registration 'G-ACIN', boxed example with wire, 3 rotor blades and pilot.

Britains Cierva C.30 Autogiro

Dinky Toys 163 Bristol Sports Coupe #27 1956-60, green body & hubs, picture box, mint boxed AUD$265.

Dinky Bristol 450 Sports Coupe

Dinky Toys 62g Boeing Flying Fortress 1939-41, 4 x 3 blade propellors, gliding hole, some discolouration on one wingtip, poor box AUD$275.

Dinky Boeing Flying Fortress