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Hornby Shell Lubricating Oil Tank Wagon 1955-59, mint boxed AUD$135.

Hornby Shell Tank Wagon

Dublo Dinky 061 Ford Prefect 1958-59, fawn body with grey smooth wheels, mint boxed AUD$165.

Dublo Dinky Ford Prefect

Noddy Car by Louis Marx Hong Kong(British Empire) c1960s, friction drive, 10.5cms, missing steering wheel otherwise very good boxed AUD$275.

Louis Marx Noddy Car

Dublo Dinky 070 AEC Mercury 'Shell/BP' Tanker 1959-64 with grey knobbly wheels & glazing, mint boxed AUD$175.

Dublo Dinky AEC Mercury Tanker

Sutcliffe 'Victor' Torpedo Boat c1960s, 23cms, clockwork, missing mast, comes with repro card stand AUD$275.

Sutcliffe Victor Torpedo Boat

Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 Sports (competition version)1956-59, turquoise with red interior & hubs, RN 25, white racing driver has minor paint loss on one arm, almost mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky Triumph TR2 Sports

Dinky 110 Aston Martin DB3S Sports (competition version) 1956-59, light grey with blue interior & hubs, RN 20 with white racing driver, correct colour dot, mint boxed AUD$325.

Dinky Aston Martin DB3S Sports

Dinky 108 MG Midget Sports (competition version) 1955-59, red RN 24 with tan interior & white racing driver, car almost mint with very good box AUD$325.

Dinky MG Midget Sports

Dinky 175 Hillman Minx 1958-61, pale brown body with green roof & beige hubs, almost mint boxed AUD$275.

Dinky 175 Hillman Minx

Dinky 176 Austin A105 Saloon 1958-59, light grey with red flash & hubs, car mint, box very good AUD$275.

Dinky Austin A105 Saloon

Dinky 106 Austin A90 Atlantic Convertible 1954-58, black with red interior & hubs, white tyres, correct colour dot, car near mint with fair/good box AUD$250.

Dinky Austin A90 Convertible

Dinky Toys 954 'Fire Station' 1961-64, constructed kit (nut & bolt), red/cream with sliding front doors, clear roof in very good condition (no cracks), would benefit from a good clean.

Dinky Toys Fire Station