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Hornby E320 Flying Scotsman LNER #4472 1936-41, 20 volts electric, some minor restoration, in lovely condition in the NE darker green, loco has wrapper but missing box lid. SOLD

Hornby E320 Flying Scotsman

Micro Models Commer 'Peters Ice Cream' Tanker c1950s made in Melbourne, boxed but with some paint loss. SOLD

Micro Peters Ice Cream Tanker

ACE Trains G4/1L 3 Rail Brake Van with rear light and pick-up, mint boxed. SOLD

ACE Trains Brake Van

Matchbox 34a Volkswagen 15cwt Van c1957 with "Matchbox International Express" decals, metal wheels, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox VW 15cwt Van

Hornby E2E Engine Shed c1935 with green base, blue tiled roof, inside of doors plain, fitted for electric light and 3 rail electric tracks in good condition with fair box. SOLD

Hornby E2E Engine Shed

Matchbox 23a Berkeley Cavalier Caravan c1957, pale blue with a couple of minor casting defects with 'ON TOW MBS 23' rear decal, excellent boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Berkeley Caravan

Matchbox 13a Bedford Wreck Truck c1955, tan body with red crane & hook, crimped axles and metal wheels, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Bedford Wreck Truck

Matchbox 45a Vauxhall Victor c1958, lemon/yellow with metal wheels, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Vauxhall Victor

Hornby No2 NE Goods Van 1948-50(has Hornby Series decal) in very good original condition with poor box. SOLD

Hornby No2 Goods Van

Matchbox 20a Foden Stake Truck c1956, maroon body with silver trim &metal wheels, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox ERF Stake Truck

Matchbox 39a Ford Zodiac Convertible c1957, pale peach body, light green base & interior, tan driver, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Ford Zodiac Convertible

Hornby No2 'Swift' Speed Boat c1930s, red/cream, clockwork, boxed with insert & key, very good condition. SOLD

Hornby Swift Speed Boat