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Dublo Dinky 071 VW 'Hornby Dublo' Delivery Van 1960-64, black knobbly wheels, excellent boxed. SOLD

Dublo Dinky VW Delivery Van

Sutcliffe UK c1960s "Nautilus" submarine from Disney's Jules Verne's '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea', clockwork with periscope/bung & original key, boxed with insert. SOLD

Sutcliffe Nautilus Submarine

French Hornby 'Mistral' TNB SNCF BB9201 c1958-65, 20 volts DC 3 Rail electric, cast alloy body in very good condition. SOLD

French Hornby TNB Electric Loco

Dinky 159 Morris Oxford Saloon c1954, green upper body & hubs, cream lower body, correct colour dot, mint boxed. SOLD

Dinky Morris Oxford Saloon

Dinky 169 Studebaker Golden Hawk 1958-63, tan body with red rear panel& hubs, white treaded tyres, correct colour dot, mint boxed. SOLD

Dinky Studebaker Golden Hawk

Dinky 162 Ford Zephyr Mk1 Saloon 1956-60, cream upper body & hubs, green lower body, correct colour dot, mint boxed. SOLD

Dinky Ford Zephyr Mk1 Saloon

Hornby 502E LNER 20 Volt Electric c1950 in matt finish, only UK post-war electric, mostly exported to Australia, very good condition. SOLD

Hornby 502E 20 volt electric

Dinky 181 Volkswagen 1956-70, light grey with blue hubs, treaded tyres, mint boxed. SOLD

Dinky 181 Volkswagen

Lincoln International Cat No 4301 'Jaguar 4.2 Litre Mk10' c1960/70s made in Hong Kong, plastic model 30cms or 11.5", 'Phantom Thrust Powered' (friction drive on back wheels), red with cream interior, chrome wire wheels with whitewall tyres, exceptional mint boxed condition. SOLD

Lincoln Jaguar 4.2 Litre Mk10

"Hornby Railway Company" Coal Wagon 1936-40, gold lettering on red body with tinplate coal insert, very good condition. SOLD

Hornby Railway Coal Wagon

Dinky 999 DH Comet Airliner 'BOAC' 1955-65, with registration "G-ALYX" in near mint boxed condition complete with packing insert. SOLD

Dinky Comet BOAC Airliner

Hornby E120 Special Locomotive LMS #2700 & Tender 1935-41, 20 Volt Electric, in excellent condition. SOLD

Hornby E120 No1 Special Loco