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Hornby No1 LMS Special Tender Loco(E120) #2700 c1930s 20 volt electric in very good original condition.

Hornby Special Tender Loco

Hornby No1 LNWR Locomotive & Tender #2710 1920-23, black with brass dome, 'ML Ltd' decals on splasher & tender, clockwork with original key, professionally restored. SOLD

Hornby 1920 No1 Locomotive

Britains 8921 'Officer on Motorcycle of The Machine Gun Service' from the Premier Series by Charles Biggs, almost mint boxed. SOLD

Britains Officer on Motorcycle

1960 Cadillac Fleetwood by Yonezawa, 18" or 46cms, friction drive, black with cream flash and tinprinted interior with blue cello windscreens, very good original condition. SOLD

Yonezawa Cadillac Fleetwood

Matchbox Speed Kings K-60 Ford Mustang Mk11 c1976, white with red stripes, cobra decals, car mint with very good box. SOLD

Speed King Ford Mustang

'Hornby Railway Company' Coal Wagon 1940-41, white lettering on maroon wagon, rare wagon in fair condition with some surface rust on axles and couplings. SOLD

Hornby Railway Company Wagon

Matchbox 21c Commer Bottle Float c1961, pale green body with cow decal on door and black plastic wheels, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Commer Bottle Float

Mettoy No3093 'Large Racing Car #7' made in UK c1950, 38cms or 15", clockwork with diecast differential, blue/yellow version, very good condition but would benefit from a good clean. SOLD

Mettoy Large Racing Car

Matchbox 13c Thames Trader Wreck Truck c1960, red body with yellow decals, black plastic wheels and grey hook, model mint box very good. SOLD

Matchbox Thames Wreck Truck

Matchbox Super-King K-20 Peterbilt 'Heavy Duty' Recovery Tractor c1979, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Peterbilt Recovery Truck

Matchbox Superfast 26d 'Big Banger' 1972-76, red with dark blue glass, mint boxed. SOLD

Matchbox Big Banger

Dinky Toy 139 Ford Consul Cortina 1964-66, metallic gold with white roof and red interior, spun hubs, front suspension/steering & opening doors, excellent boxed. SOLD

Dinky Ford Consul Cortina