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Australian National Airlines (ANA) Maintenance Hangar No1 made by TAS Toys Australian War Permit N397 c1942, 20cms square, incomplete missing end wall with opening doors. SOLD

ANA Maintenance Hangar

French Hornby M Series Level Crossing c1950s, 2 piece in excellent boxed condition. SOLD

French Hornby Level Crossing

Togi model No4 Alfa Romeo 159 Racing Car in 1/23 scale, diecast made in Milan Italy with steering and knock-on wheels with rubber tyres (cracked), missing windscreen. SOLD

Togi Alfa Romeo 159

Timpo "Mr & Mrs Smith" c1950s (54mm or 1/32) produced as part of Timpo's Civilian & Railway figures by master sculptor Roy Selwyn-Smith, excellent condition. SOLD

Timpo Mr & Mrs Smith

Triang R298 Home Maintenance Set contains RT209 Tool Kit, fishplates, brushes, coupling unit, 3 drums of wire, plugs washers pins & instructions, almost mint boxed. SOLD

Triang Home Maintenance Set

Lansdowne LDM119 1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire black over beige. SOLD

Lansdowne Armstrong Siddeley

L.Marx UK Plastic Racing Car c1950s, clockwork with rubber tyres, missing exhaust otherwise good working condition. SOLD

Marx Racing Car

Matchbox 21b Bedford Coach c1958 68mms, 'London to Glascow' decals with smooth grey plastic wheels, cello on one end of box, bus excellent. SOLD

Matchbox Bedford Coach

Dinky Toys 435 Bedford TK Tipper 1966-68 with yellow cab & sides, silver back & red hubs, excellent boxed. SOLD

Dinky Bedford TK Tipper

Buick XP-600 Concept Car(Le Sabre) 41cms or 16" by Ideal Toys USA c1950s with battery operated headlights, complete with all tools in very good original condition. SOLD

Buick XP-600 Concept Car

American Flyer 'Ambassador #3117' 0-4-0 Loco (O Gauge) c1930s, electric 14 volts AC with headlights, in very good condition. SOLD

American Flyer Electric Loco

Lehmann Balky Mule 1897-1938, in good working condition. SOLD

Lehmann Balky Mule