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Hornby No1 LNER Locomotive #2710 1925-26, clockwork with cabside crest and fixed lamps, loco good with coal rail tender in fair condition. SOLD

Hornby No1 Loco & Tender

"X2 Car' made in Japan c1950s, clockwork with eccentric action, 15cms or 6", nice condition. SOLD

1950s Japanese X2 Car

Hornby Dublo 2016 0-6-2 Tank Goods Set 1959-64, features 2217 BR 0-6-2 Tank Loco #69550 with 12 page instruction booklet, some biro writing on boxlid. SOLD

Dublo 2016 Tank Goods Set

Tonka Dump Truck & Sand Loader c1964, 2 pce in good condition. SOLD

Tonka Dumper & Sand Loader

Early German Truck c1920s, heavy metal construction with wooden tray and solid rubber tyres, 63cms or 24" long, interesting toy in original condition. SOLD

Early German 1920s Truck

Bassett-Lowke BR 'Prince Charles' #62453 tinprinted c1950s, 12 volts DC, good condition. SOLD

Bassett Lowke Prince Charles

Dinky 352 Ed Strakers Car 1971-75 from TV Series 'UFO' in gold plated version with blue interior, keyless motor & instructions, almost mint boxed. SOLD

Dinky Ed Strakers Car

Dinky Toys 351 UFO Interceptor 1971-79, green metallic body with orange skids, yellow/black missile, card box with polystyrene inserts, excellent boxed. SOLD

Dinky UFO Interceptor

Corgi Toys 107 Batboat & Trailer 1967-70, tinplate fin version with Batman & Robin, gold trailer with suspension & cast wheels plus black plastic towing accessory hook for attaching to Batmobile, boat mint with very good box. SOLD

Corgi Batboat & Trailer

Australian National Airlines (ANA) Maintenance Hangar No1 made by TAS Toys Australian War Permit N397 c1942, 20cms square, incomplete missing end wall with opening doors. SOLD

ANA Maintenance Hangar

Britains 5190 'The Parachute Regiment' c1990, limited edition 10 piece set, mint boxed. SOLD

Britains Parachute Regiment

French Hornby M Series Level Crossing c1950s, 2 piece in excellent boxed condition. SOLD

French Hornby Level Crossing